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Who should see an Audiologist?

• With diabetes
• With depression
• With tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
• With early signs of dementia
• Who has had steroid treatments
• Who has had chemotherapy
• Who perceives change in hearing
• Who is smoking or has previously smoked
• Age 60 or above


Ringing in your ears?
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A prescription for Tinnitus relief.

Musicians and audiophiles, protect your hearing with high-fidelity custom musicians ear plugs


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Quick Hearing Test

The following questions will help you determine if you have a hearing loss:


If you have answered yes to more than two of these questions, you should have your hearing tested. Call us today!

Meet Bob and Betty

Bob has hearing loss but doesn’t know where to go for hearing care. Big box stores are not the answer, coupons and gimmicks from hearing aid dispensers are not the answer. When they discovered Audiology of Nassau County they realized that the right hearing care professional makes all the difference.